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Historically IT outsourcing decisions in organisations are often highly controversial in terms of a balanced cost/risk ratio and can divide opinion at an executive level.  Coupled with the fact that impartial advice is hard to come by:  Different vendors will inherently have different preferences and opinions in order to drive business towards their hosted offerings (whether that be for on-premise support, public or private cloud services), executives can be left with almost impossible choices.  We also hear horror stories of companies with bad outsource experiences and reversing their decisions to migrate IT services to the cloud, incurring disruption to core business and the additional costs of returning to on premise solutions.



Netshare Consulting can help with this complex decision making process and help you avoid major business disruption through a decision support framework.  We offer assessments across key areas of IT outsourcing arrangements aimed at delivering the right cost-risk ratio for your business.  
Our team of consultants apply real world outsource experience to build the solution proposals which best aligns to your business strategy. We can act as a partner organisation to independently assess supplier proposals whether in a single vendor solution or with the additional complexity of a multi-vendor environment.
Our assessments can be tailored across the following key dimensions to focus on those aspects of major concern or wherever your organisation lacks knowledge, skills or time:
  • technical review
  • project management
  • ITIL service management
  • quality management
  • supplier management
  • cost / risk modelling
  • IT service desk operations
  • organisational capability maturity

We typically offer consulting services aimed towards SME organisations making key strategic IT decisions and often follow up our initial consultation with assessments at key checkpoints to maximise business benefit.

Ultimately, Netshare's company ethos carries over from our own experience of providing quality support services:  We want your team to be able to focus on your core business operation in the knowledge that you have the best fit IT Service supported by our team.

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