NetShare are dedicated to getting the best staff

And for us that means individuals that not only have the requisite technical abilities, but also a genuine passion for their work and a desire to keep learning.

In fact, we prize passion higher than initial technical skills.  If individuals are willing to learn then we can ensure they receive training and accreditations to support them, but we cannot teach passion, and that's something we demand.  The majority of our team have been with NetShare since our very early days, developing a culture of loyalty and interest in our companies future.  That directly translates into an exceptional service experience for our customers.

Our engineers are certified in various technologies and work closely as a team to provide the best solution to our customers.  We strive to foster similar relations with our clients and our excellent staff retention rate really makes that possible.

NetShare is committed to ensuring that their staff are the best people for the job.  We actively seek older employees who have valuable experience, as well as graduates and school leavers who can bring fresh ideas.